Choosing the Perfect Custom Lanyard for Your Brand: Essential Tips

Lanyards are essential tools in many businesses, providing employees with an identifier they can wear to identify themselves within their department or act as branding tools for marketing efforts.

Lanyards can also come in handy when it comes to keeping badges or other important items close at hand, without risking leaving them somewhere behind.

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Advice for choosing the appropriate custom lanyard? Take a look and we will see what options there are available to us.

Consider: Your brand’s size, purpose, material requirements and attaching a badge holder. Ultimately:
Consider Your Brand’s Size
One key aspect when choosing a custom lanyard is considering its size and usage; how you plan to utilize your logo may also impact its continued usage over time.

For instance, if your logo measures two inches across and two inches high, an 8-inch lanyard with 3/4 inch width might work best; but for ones larger than 4×6 inches such as one measuring 12x24inches might better suit its bulkiness.

Consider Your Brand’s Purpose
When selecting the ideal custom lanyard for your brand, it is crucial that you consider its purpose. Each brand serves a distinct goal which requires its own lanyard solution in order to achieve success.

Understanding what actions people will take upon seeing your lanyard can make its purchase much simpler. A well-designed customizable digital or full colour imprinted design will keep employees focused on what really matters – getting customers through their door!

Consider what material to use
Most lanyards are constructed out of polyester and nylon materials that can last, yet can become uncomfortable over time when worn around someone’s neck all day long. When choosing your brand’s employees to wear ID badges all day, take this into consideration before choosing their lanyard material.

Polyester may seem the less-expensive choice when selecting materials for your brand’s marketing material needs; however, due to frequent heavy usage it may wear down faster, prompting a need to replace sooner rather than later.

If sustainability is important to your corporation, considering switching out traditional plastics with recyclable or biodegradable ones could make an excellent statement of intent.

Material such as nylon or polyester helps cut waste when employees depart a company or return their ID badges after finishing shifts!

One of the great features of lanyards is their customization potential; badge holders make it simple for keeping ID or other cards handy at all times. Consider attaching one to yours if you want to show off your credentials!

Attach a badge holder to your lanyard if you want an easy way to access ID or other cards.

Conclusion / Summary This article provided you with enough knowledge and tools for selecting an effective lanyard to promote your brand. Though finding one might prove challenging at times, with so many choices and knowledge at our fingertips it should not be impossible! You will surely discover something suitable which fits both functional needs as well as aesthetic standards!

If you need guidance as to which option would best serve your company or organization, feel free to reach out today – our friendly staff would be more than willing to discuss potential projects or design custom lanyards just for our clients! We look forward to being of help.