Elijah Norton: Impacting Change

Elijah Norton took an adventurous path toward creating business opportunities by seeking ways to make an impactful statement about life in general and specifically auto service contracts industry in New Orleans, which had many imperfections at that time. So he took a leap of faith by founding Veritas Global Protection; today this company boasts global prominence with global awareness due to Elijah Norton’s tireless quest to improve things and leave his mark.

Veritas Global Protection was formed when exotic and electric vehicle protection plans became popular with consumers, leading to their rapid expansion over the course of years. Elijah Norton made strides towards making an impactful difference both within his business and in his community by continuously innovating to make an impactful statement with each customer service interaction and by being patient as needed in doing so. 1. Be Innovative

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Before Veritas Global Protection launched as a success, Elijah Norton ran another auto service contract company for clients. While business was successful enough, room for improvement could always exist as Elijah attempted to speak to service providers only to be met by silence; ultimately he entered this industry himself and established Veritas Global Protection as its auto service contracts provider.

Elijah Norton created Veritas Global Protection with innovative new products designed to address industry gaps. He hired an outstanding customer support team, rapidly growing Veritas’ quality of service as its popularity amongst the public increased rapidly due to their vehicle protection plans and revolutionary customer support team – forcing other players in their field to up their game accordingly.

Veritas was among the first companies worldwide to introduce vehicle protection plans specifically tailored for electric and exotic vehicle ownership. Their global coverage plans cover battery replacement that most other providers do not. Meanwhile, exotic protection ensures clients of high-end foreign cars remain covered from accident damages and theft.

Veritas Global Protection’s vehicle protection plans offer bonus services, such as towing, roadside assistance and car rental – so when a client’s vehicle breaks down they won’t experience any downtime as another car can be provided while their own is repaired.

Free roadside assistance gives drivers confidence when driving on public roads as they know that when emergency strikes, assistance will come promptly from a partner of their local area.

Veritas Global Protection
Elijah Norton began as just two employees at Veritas; since then, however, more talent has joined. Elijah looks for hardworking staff with strong values like diversity.

Current employees at this company number in the dozens, while there are thousands of partners operating throughout the nation to quickly assist clients when issues arise. When clients experience any difficulty they can be sure help will arrive quickly.

Veritas Global Protection recently earned nearly $100 Million annually in annual revenues, which stands as proof that innovation, customer service excellence and having an incredible team are essential in quickly expanding a company within an efficient period of time. Today, Veritas and Elijah Norton are widely respected industry leaders within auto service contracts industry.

Elijah Norton Strives to Make a Difference
Complacency, lack of innovation and competition often result in subpar services that leave customers dissatisfied – this is why Elijah Norton strives to make an impactful difference both professionally and within his community.

Beginnings : Elijah Norton was motivated to establish Veritas Global Protection due to his desire for change within an industry which had not seen significant development over time. Through innovation and creativity, Mr Norton made waves within this stagnant field by developing vehicle protection plans with revolutionary features while setting benchmark standards in customer service; his revolutionary plans helped restore customers trust back into this sector of industry business.

At first, people neglected vehicle protection plans as they offered limited additional coverage. After Veritas Global Protection came along and saw their value, many saw why such coverage could be valuable and began asking for tailored plans that met their individual requirements.

Making an Impact in Our Community

Elijah Norton has used his success in industry to give back to the community. By creating numerous profitable companies which employ hundreds of people and give employment opportunities for these same individuals he has already made an impactful change for them and made an important statement of commitment and gratitude in return.

Elijah has not stopped there – in various interviews he has also provided advice for other entrepreneurs.

Here is some advice that Elijah offered:

  1. Be Creative. Be Original. Innovate!
    Innovation is what distinguishes one company from its rivals; innovation refers to creating new products and services through the development process.

Innovation also enhances existing products and services, leading to business revitalization without becoming obsolete – innovation has contributed significantly to Veritas Global Protection’s success!

  1. Pay Attention to Customer Service
    Your customers’ experience should always come first when it comes to success for an entrepreneur; failing this test, they could search elsewhere for improved services and abandon your products altogether. In order to maximize this goal successfully, entrepreneurs need to place increased importance on customer satisfaction as an element of their strategy for achieving growth and development.
  2. Be Patient
    It can be challenging to exercise patience when investing your money, time and emotions into a business venture; but patience is vital since most successful ventures take an average of five years before seeing tangible returns on their investment. While Elijah Norton achieved great success after only three years with his first business start-up (MurderBook Publishing House), entrepreneurs should give new ventures at least five years to develop before giving them up as viable enterprises.

Consulting experts within your industry is highly advised for many different reasons, particularly because these consultants often possess vast amounts of expertise that could prove essential in aiding with business success.